The Evil Cutter of Nails: A Dream Interpretation (Freudian Flips)

This is my first writing prompt!

I’ve never been able to recall a childhood dream as vividly as I can recall this one. This is a dream I had at the age of 7 that still haunts me to this day.

Ok, are you ready? Here it is:

It was dark, and I was alone in our apartment. I had never been home alone before, so I was mortified. I walked into my parents’ room and anxiously, but quietly, called out my mother’s name. No response. There was some sunlight peeking through the large maroon curtains so I was able to slowly navigate the room, trying to see if my mother was behind some corner. All of a sudden, a veiled woman crept out of the curtains, and looked me dead in the eye. She was wearing a black veil that covered everything but her cold eyes. I knew at that moment that this woman was here to kidnap me. I was scared, but I gathered the courage to ask her who she was. I’ll never forget what she said after that in her low, mystifying voice.

“I am your mother’s nail cutter.”

I was hit with a sudden sense of relief, and the woman no longer scared me. I knew she wasn’t an enemy. She smiled at me and twirled away.

The End. 

Alright, maybe that wasn’t as scary as I made it out to be, but I can assure you that it was absolutely mortifying at the time. Either 7-year-old me had a wild imagination, or he was on some hardcore drugs (probably the latter).

I think the main reason this dream was so scarring was because I had never actually been home alone before, so the prospect of being in an empty house without the presence of any one of my family members was scary as balls. I think this dream was my mind trying to tell me that no matter how lonely I feel, I’ll never truly be alone, even if it feels like I will. When I was in the empty, dark apartment, I was terrified and felt completely alone. On top of that, this creepy-looking veiled woman came out from behind my curtains, and I was certain that she was going to take me hostage. But, low and behold, this woman turned out to be my mother’s personal nail trimmer. So despite the fact that I believed I was completely alone, I wasn’t! I was with somebody that my mother trusted, and therefore, she was someone that I trusted. Despite her strange appearance and demonic voice, she was a friend. I was being reassured by my mind that no matter how dire a situation may seem, everything would be okay. I’d never be alone.

Either that or I subconsciously believed that my mother needed to get a manicure.